Web Communications 101 has enabled students develop and better protect their identity online. Blogs, wikis, websites, parody videos, all these are examples of platforms that can be used for the web presence creation project. This web presence creation assignment is mainly based on creating a central node, exposing a theme and sharing that theme with three nodes which will contribute to the central node. My theme is about easy and modern cooking, where I share recipes and tips. ‘boucheessalersucrer’ is a French phrase and is correctly written as “bouchées salées sucrées.” This literally means ‘savoury and sweet bites’ in English, and I chose this as the name of the blog because it was my homage and tribute to fine cuisine, which I believe started in France.

The central node that I chose is a blog on WordPress. This site builder is extremely easy to use and its widgets and pages are manageable and simple. Moreover, the dates are seen clearly on each post and the comment and like buttons are evident to use as well. The theme of the layout is ‘Koi Theme’, and it is painted in pastel colours with dreamy and intrinsic designs. The header of the layout theme is multicoloured and there are shapes like clouds, delicate and playful illustrations and even the sun and on the far right handside, there is a railway-like imagery. This can be interpreted as a voyage, more specifically a culinary voyage in the world of contemporary cuisine; an art which tastes good and is easy to execute. Moreoever, the sun and cloud represent summer and summer often rhymes with good times with your loved ones. For ‘boucheessalersucrer,’ cooking is an art that is shared with family, friends and beloved ones; thus this particular theme really suits up. Cooking should gather people together and that is behind the concept of this blog; I want my followers to like cooking and not see it as a burden. The recipes are chosen specifically for those who work and do not have much time to dedicate to cooking. Straightforward, easy, short, healthy yet delicious recipes are behind this blog.

Futhermore, the  3 contributing nodes for ‘boucheessalersucrer’ are Facebook, Delicious and Twitter. They are all part of the Web 2.0 platform and as Best (2006) suggests, web 2.0 boasts hallmarks such as a rich user experience, user participation, metadata and dynamic content. All these characteristics are the reason to why Web 2.0 platforms has been chosen for this blog. Not only do they allow better commnucation and interaction to the viewers, they also enable a more dynamic way of sharing and presenting content on a page, but also provide much more information on anything (metadata).  Facebook is THE social networking site par excellence. It has reached around 845 million active users in December 2011 and Facebook is the platform you want if you want to converge with a large audience and viewers. On my personal Facebook profile, I created a page which I linked back to the blog and this has helped me share my blog to a wider group of people. The Facebook page is called ‘Bouchées Salées Sucrées’ and there are photos of ingredients and food related imagery. Consequently, the second node also, Delicious has been used to promote the blog while still offering information that is not present on the blog. The Delicious page contains all the links to websites of famous chefs and culinary shows presenters. Little notes have been added to the links to enable the viewers can read about my opinions on these cooks! Delicious can be manipulated easily and it a social bookmarks manager that enables adding keywords to your bookmarks. The ‘keywords’ which are in fact tags are essential as they  allows information to be described and organised specifically, according to Mathes (2004). WordPress also has tagging (folksonomies) and category options and they offer a wiser way to make the blog viewed each time someone types a  particular tag or a category. Consequently as said by Weinberger (2006) folksonomies are particularly useful when there are lots of people trying to communicate about a shared set of resources.” Last but not least, the third contributing node would be my Twitter page. Having linked Twitter to the blog, all the tweets can be seen on the homepage of the blog and this is very useful because the viewers get double information on this blog. On the Twitter page, there are re-tweets of the famous cooks and I often tweet whenever something is in the culinary news world. Eventually, it can be said that these Web 2.0 platforms have complemented the blog and each contributing node has converged to the central node.

The blog has allowed me to create another identity online and I have experienced a lot of pleasure since I created this platform. Cooking has always been more than a hobby and sharing it with other people is what makes it an art. However, as the platform is an online one, one must always be careful on the information that he or she is posting because whatever we post will stay forever on the web as our digital shadow.


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Images on boucheessalersucrer and Facebook page have been retrieved from http://flickrcc.bluemountains.net/flickrCC/index.php


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