Remediating for 140 Characters

Twitter is used by many chefs and other culinary bloggers. It is quick and very easy to share and information and use hash tags in a tweet. I have searched for the most popular hash tags related to food and cooking and the most used ones were #recipes, #recipeoftheday and #food. I have screenshot two tweets that are related to my topic, cooking and another screenshot of re-tweets that deals with my topic. It is challenging to use Twitter when you have to talk about a recipe or news in the culinary world. One is tempted to write a lot and we were inclined to share a lot on social networking sites like Facebook.

However, Twitter is different because one has to resume the most important information; the very essence of an article, a blog post or a news in 140 characters only. And obviously, that includes hyperlinks and hash tags. However, I believe that as Twitter is a fast-paced publishing platform, the use of hash tags is vital in showing and describing the trends that are popular on Twitter. Moreover, hash tags classify the tweets in different categories and thus it is a piece of cake (no pun intended) to look for specific tweets about a particular category. Twitter has encouraged users to think more about what they are posting and how to target readers with the appropriate hash tags.

My experience with Twitter this week has shown me how you can get people to be interested in a tweet and make them revert back to your blog to check out the post. After all, it is a challenge to fit an important info in only 140 characters. I have learnt that you have to make the readers drool with the tweet only so that they feel obliged to look for the full post on your blog!

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Consolidating my presence

My old blog before it was customized:

My blog before


Initially, my blog was very simple in terms of appearance and colour. The theme that I have chosen portrays pink and pale rose hand-written designs and is a very delicate artwork. I have chosen this particular design an analogy in mind, that of cooking as being the art of using the hands to create and produce the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes, desserts and recipes. I have also put a list of blogs that I follow and read regularly; most of them being culinary blogs and I have also established a blogroll on a food blog that I connect with.

The list of blogs that I like will enable my audience to know about my preferences and my inspirations and they will know about the writers and sources I am interested in. I have also integrated a delicious feed to my blog to encourage my readers know more about sources that I have bookmarked on my Delicious account. I have refined the appearance of my blog to consolidate my online presence so that my readers can know that I have a list of sources and references that inspire me to write about my hobby; cooking.

Entering the Conversation



Comment & response on Smitten Kitchen


Smitten Kitchen –

Here’s what I posted on Smitten Kitchen, a culinary blog and the response I got:


This is one great recipe you have here! Thanks a lot for sharing it. Recently I found a very interesting and easy pizza recipe by Lorraine Pascale. Now I swear only by that recipe. However, yours seems really good too. Lorraine’s recipe is an easy one designed for people who want to have a delicious pizza prepared and baked in less than 1 hour! The dough is so easy to make and you have to let the dough rise for 30-40 minutes. And the garnish is the simple thing ever! You only need a good tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. Lorraine Pascale also adds figs and bacon to the pizza though I prefer it with only the figs. I will agree to you saying that using ‘dry’ mozzarella is better for pizza. Fresh mozzarella should be used with olive oil and basil leaves in a nice salad. I have a blog on cooking for a Web module and I am happy to have commented on your blog. Please do reply to this comment. I find your work amazing and I am definitely bookmarking your blog as inspiration. J Thanks a lot and continue this wonderful work of yours.

-Kritina (


Who am I?

The image I have chosen is a picture of me I took at a party.

I like to be surrounded by funny people as I have an outgoing personality. That is why I am always seen smiling, in real life as well as in photographs.

I am represented in my true self in this image and I want my audience to identify the ‘real’ me and my passion for cooking. I wish to give my audience a visual representation of myself.

Also, I want this picture to be licensed with “© All Rights Reserved” because I do not want anyone to copy this picture and use it in any other means.

This is me guys! :)

This is me guys! 🙂

Personal Bio

Hello guys! I’m Kritina, 20, avid reader, food blogger and an ambitious Communication student. This blog is destined for people who can manage making some moves in the kitchen!

Cooking has always been the one thing that made me happy and more relaxed. What I like in cooking is when the dish is out of the oven and you get to see your efforts materialise into something that is mouth-watering and delicious. Of course, I have had some cooking faux-pas, but that never discouraged me!

In fact, failures made me stick to improving myself and the perfectionist that I am, gave me courage to become better.

Why cook? Ode to an Bittersweet Art…

Cooking is not ‘haute gastronomy’ or complicated imagery dressed up elegantly and made up perfectly to fit on flawless white serving plates, cooking is when you find happiness in baking a simple dish and simply getting a smile from your family, friends or lover. A smile that says it all, a thank you and when you see the look on their faces, a look filled with ecstasy, of pleasure and happiness. Cooking is sensuous, friendly, romantic and comforting! I bet that Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver will agree with me on this one! I can spend hours watching shows animated by Nigella, Jamie, Benoit Molin, Giada Laurentis, Gordon Ramsay, Donna Hay, Miss Dahl, Louise Denisot and the list is pretty much long!! As I’m multilingual, I also watch cooking shows from French chefs as well and I’ll try sharing awesome recipes with you! This blog was inspired from the movie Julie & Julia, where Meryl Streep delivered one of her best role along Amy Adams. Julia Childs quotes and recipes were a revelation to me. That made me realize that you don’t need to be a chef to be able to cook.  One of my favourite quotes from Julia Child is, ” …no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” Words aren’t enough to describe how quintessential cooking is to me, this is my time to take actions to share my hobby.

Cook to please 🙂 This should be a motto! As from tomorrow I will share recipes, ideas, and culinary gossips with you ppl! 🙂

Do follow this blog if you feel that I can offer to share my passion with you!

Take Care!

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