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Hello Everyone!

First of all, boucheessalersucrer is correctly written as “bouchées salées, sucrées” which is French for ‘salty and sweet snacks’. Thus the URL was only intended for aesthetic purpose! My name is Kritina and I am 19 years old. I have started this blog because of my Web Communications’ assignment. Cooking have always been a hobby since I was little, in fact I started cooking at the age of 9.  Well of course, I started cooking very easy and light things, things my parents would let me cook!  But then at school we had cooking classes and by the time I realised that I really liked that. Cooking is aesthetic, gustatory, artistic and passionate. One can please someone through cooking and it is also very soothing to cook! I can sit for hours watching cooking shows on television, I always browse for recipes, I am always curious when it comes to cooking. Besides cooking, like any other young adult, I am into music, learning new languages, tv shows, swimming and nature, and sunsets and poetry and reading books or novels! I describe myself as a hopeless romantic who has to behave rationally because she is doing a BA degree!

Well, I hope you will enjoy this blog because I really enjoy posting tips and recipes! I love sharing recipes with other people, and I love cooking in groups! Cooking reunites family, friends and colleagues! I just love those barbecues we usually do at home and call on the friends and relatives! Please never see cooking as a burden because it really is easy, you just have to have fresh ingredients and put a little love into the dish! 🙂 I would seize the opportunity to thank all this who have inspired me while creating this blog and choosing the recipes, for instance Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Donna Hay, Sophie Dahl, Benoit Molin, Giada De Laurentis, Catherine Fulvio, Sophie Menut, Annabel Langbein, Louise Denisot, Gordon Brown, and many more!! The list is certainly longer that that! Thank you!

Bon Appétit



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