Remediating for 140 Characters

Twitter is used by many chefs and other culinary bloggers. It is quick and very easy to share and information and use hash tags in a tweet. I have searched for the most popular hash tags related to food and cooking and the most used ones were #recipes, #recipeoftheday and #food. I have screenshot two tweets that are related to my topic, cooking and another screenshot of re-tweets that deals with my topic. It is challenging to use Twitter when you have to talk about a recipe or news in the culinary world. One is tempted to write a lot and we were inclined to share a lot on social networking sites like Facebook.

However, Twitter is different because one has to resume the most important information; the very essence of an article, a blog post or a news in 140 characters only. And obviously, that includes hyperlinks and hash tags. However, I believe that as Twitter is a fast-paced publishing platform, the use of hash tags is vital in showing and describing the trends that are popular on Twitter. Moreover, hash tags classify the tweets in different categories and thus it is a piece of cake (no pun intended) to look for specific tweets about a particular category. Twitter has encouraged users to think more about what they are posting and how to target readers with the appropriate hash tags.

My experience with Twitter this week has shown me how you can get people to be interested in a tweet and make them revert back to your blog to check out the post. After all, it is a challenge to fit an important info in only 140 characters. I have learnt that you have to make the readers drool with the tweet only so that they feel obliged to look for the full post on your blog!

My Tweets:

My 1st Tweet


My 2nd tweet


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