Creating Generative Value – Article: Deep Fried and Good for You (NY Times)

Recently, I have come across an article on the New York Times’ website titled Deep Fried and Good for You and obviously, I had to write something about the article. With such a grasping title, I had to read the article to see if truly deep frying was really good at all! Basically in the article, the author narrates how deep frying is good for the health if you follow some ground rules first. Using the right oil for frying or choosing the correct vegetable or meat was some of the guidelines that had to be respected. The author said that deep frying was not costly and gave tops about which oils to use. We have been told that deep frying foods are not good for health because they contain a great amount of fat. But what if the oil we use for frying is olive oil, which is said to be good for health and what if we eat deep fried foods but only occasionally and in moderately?

These questions were answered in the article and I believe that it eating deep fried food is good for the health, considering that fat is one of the most important nutrients used by one body. Moreover, in the article, it was not mentioned if people with weight issues and heart diseases could eat deep fried food as well, considering that they have complications. But I believe that if someone is having a healthy way of living and eating, deep fried foods are good for that person, if deep frying is done with olive oil or the more neutral grape seed oil. In fact, in his article the author made no reference to using ghee for deep frying which I found odd as coming from an Indian family, I have always been told that ghee is way better to use than oil for deep frying. One of the perks of ghee or clarified butter is that it has a high smoking point, which makes it appropriate for deep frying. If done at the right temperature, ghee will have a low retention in the food you are frying. Albeit ghee is healthier for deep frying, its use should be occasional.

Deep frying is good and we can consume deep fried food. In weekends, I love making deep fried chicken or tempura and when I have people coming over, how can you not make deep fried samosas or croquettes or even French fries.

Bon appétit

– Kritina


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