Consolidating my presence

My old blog before it was customized:

My blog before


Initially, my blog was very simple in terms of appearance and colour. The theme that I have chosen portrays pink and pale rose hand-written designs and is a very delicate artwork. I have chosen this particular design an analogy in mind, that of cooking as being the art of using the hands to create and produce the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes, desserts and recipes. I have also put a list of blogs that I follow and read regularly; most of them being culinary blogs and I have also established a blogroll on a food blog that I connect with.

The list of blogs that I like will enable my audience to know about my preferences and my inspirations and they will know about the writers and sources I am interested in. I have also integrated a delicious feed to my blog to encourage my readers know more about sources that I have bookmarked on my Delicious account. I have refined the appearance of my blog to consolidate my online presence so that my readers can know that I have a list of sources and references that inspire me to write about my hobby; cooking.


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