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I have often noticed that some of my friends do not know a thing about cooking. I had friends who did not know what was parsley or cilantro! Moreover, when I was doing Cooking classes at high school, I was surprised to see that a lot of my classmates had never eaten lasagnas or apple pie before (these dishes being Italian and English respectively).

Personally, I think that in Mauritius people have been only cooking dishes that have been in their repertoire or that they had learnt without ever looking to make new things. Lack of time and even resources was a factor that accounted for that. However, now the trends are changing. With the number of culinary magazines today and the omniscient tool that is Internet; people have easier and faster access to foreign dishes. Today, in a country like Mauritius, we do not limit ourselves only to Creole or Mauritian cuisine; we have Italian, French, Arab or even Indian cuisine. The amount of restaurants providing world cuisine in Mauritius has increased around the island.

What people will notice on my blog is that I do not fuss a lot on the recipes. My recipes have been chosen because they are easy to understand and not complex at all. People who very little cooking knowledge and experience will certainly like the recipes as they are great for amateur level. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to have recipes from a lot of culture. I do not restrict myself to only one cuisine and I am a big believer of fusion cuisine. Readers will find that I give some tips on my blog; tips that would help even the clumsiest of person in a kitchen. Last but not least, the recipes on my blog enclose starters, main dishes as well as deserts and drinks.

My readers will find a lot of courses of the blog to help them and I am also open to the questions and suggestions of my readers. Readers will feel good when they browse through my blog because there is something for everyone, regardless of whether they are a man or woman or they are a cooking genius or amateur. If my readers love cooking and baking, they will try out the recipes on my blog and will bring happiness and joy to their family, friends or lovers.

Coming up with some new recipes!



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