My Personal Interest – Cooking?

Hello everyone! Whenever I attend a party or have friends over at home, I always end up cooking something whether a main dish, a dessert or a cake. That tells you a lot about me and cooking! Ever since I was 6 years old, I would be fascinated to watch my mum cook in the kitchen. In those days, she was taking a cooking course and after each session, she would re-try the dish at home.

I will never forget the comforting and appetising aroma of mum’s ‘pain au chocolat’ or ‘croissant.’ I wanted to re-create the various gestures and techniques of cutting, rolling and baking that she mastered and taught me. That was how I discovered cooking and when I turned 8 or 10, I wanted to start trying out cooking myself. She would let me help her in the kitchen and that was definitely the best part. Actually no, the best part was eating whatever she had baked! 🙂

Growing up in that environment made me want to learn and made me love cooking from a young age. I baked my first cake when I was 11! That gives you an idea how much cooking forms part of my integral life. For me cooking is not just baking dishes, it is an art of life or as sacred as a religion. I absolutely love cooking because it has the power to gather many people around and it also brings happiness and joie de vivre.

A lot of times, all my relatives come over to my place and mum and I bake a lot of good things because we know that to win over people, you have to win their stomachs first!  🙂 (My gran would always say that to win a man’s heart you have to feed him with delicious food first!) Seeing the face of people when you give them a birthday cake or a simple dish brings joy to my heart and makes me realise that the greatest pleasures in life come from simple little things. Cooking has taught me perseverance, to keep trying when I fail and above all it has taught me how to bring happiness and pleasure in the lives of my loved ones!

Keep cooking & baking!

Bon Appétit



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